BefGroup Life

The is the Internet presentation of the Baltic Environmental Forum Group’s major projects on the marine environment. With the portal we want to give you the opportunity to have all this information under one umbrella to ease the access for you and also to guide you to many interesting information which otherwise you might have missed.

Marine Protected Areas in the Eastern Baltic Sea
(Baltic MPA), LIFE 05 NAT/LV/000100; 2005 – 2009, a project that substantially contributed to selection, designation and protection of marine sites in the waters of the Baltic States, but also initiated the BEF’s cooperation with many stakeholders around the Baltic Sea on marine issues. Marine protected areas
Introducing Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea
(BaltSeaPlan) Baltic Sea Region Program; 2009 - 2011, a project that looks at sea uses and tools for adding up a spatial dimension into planning processes. BaltSeaPlan
Innovative approaches for marine biodiversity monitoring and assessment of conservation status of nature values in the Baltic Sea
(MARMONI), LIFE 09 NAT/LV/000238; 2010 - 2015, where we want to develop indicators and monitoring concepts for assessment and surveillance of marine biodiversity. MarMoni
Multi-level Governance in Maritime Spatial Planning throughout the Baltic Sea Region
(PartiSEApate), 2012-2014, a project that aims to establish a dialogue amongst Maritime Spatial Planning actors at ALL LEVELS in the Baltic Sea region. PartiSEApate